Friday 09.29.23

Class Times:
3:30, 4:30 & 5:30

Warm Up (Min 0-12)

3 Rounds
25′ Bear Crawl
10 Hand Release Push Ups
100m Run

Get Fit (Min 20-36)

For Time:
600m Run
30 DB Box Step Ups 50/35 24/20″
40 Push Ups
400m Run
20 DB Box Step Ups 50/35 24/20″
30 Push Ups
200m Run
10 DB Box Step Ups 50/35 24/20″
20 Push Ups
*16 Min Cap

Feel good about pushing both the Run and Box Step Up pace knowing the vast majority of you will have to break up the Push Ups significantly. This will force you to bring your heart rate down and hopefully be able to Run hard again the following round.


3 Rounds:
400m Run
20 DB Box Step Ups 35/20 20″
20 Push Ups

Get Strong (Min 45-55)

Every 2:00 for 10:00
Front Squat
Strict HSPU
1 Set

Complete both movements each time window. Build the weight across the FS sets. You get one shot at a set of Strict HSPU to immediately follow the FS set. If you’re good at them, come down a couple reps shy of failure. If you’re new to them you can use an ab mat for a lesser ROM. Otherwise, seated DB strict press is a good substitute.

Competitor Extra

Min 1&2: 1 Set Thrusters 95/65
Min 3&4: 1 Set Thrusters 135/95
Min 5&6: 1 Set Thrusters 155/105
Min 7&8: 1 Set Thrusters 185/125
Min 9&10: 1 Set Thrusters 205/145

These are not necessarily max rep sets, especially on the lighter weights. Try to grab a decent chunk of reps by the :30-:40 mark, giving you a small rest and chance to change weights every other minute. Score is total reps, but that doesn’t really matter…