Thursday 08.24.23

Class Times:
3:30, 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30pm

Warm Up (Min 0-12)

3 Rounds
30 Plate Jumps
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Superman

Get Fit (Min 18-42)

8 Rounds:
12 V-Ups
200m Run w/ Med Ball 20/14*
– 1:00 Rest –
*Instead of a Med Ball you can wear a vest 20/14 throughout
**24 Min Cap

About 2:00 of work to 1:00 of rest if you want to pace this piece out. If you choose a vest, just know you’ll be working much harder on the V-Ups – likely to the point you might want to scale the reps back or cap yourself each round if needed.


8 Rounds
12 Sit Ups
200m Run
– 1:00 Rest –

Quality Time (Min 48-54)

In 6:00 establish a max effort
Freestanding HS Hold

Try to stay within a 3×3′ square on the FS HS Hold. If you’re not comfortable with that, practice on the wall and when you’re ready, slowly pull your toes off and try to hang out in the FS HS.

Competitor Extra

Front Squat
For Time
25 Reps @75-80% 1RM
*Use as little rest as needed

Choose one challenging weight and stick with it. You can unrack/rerack the barbell any time you want. It should take you multiple challenging sets to finish the 25 reps. It’s up to you how you approach it.