Friday 08.04.23

Class Times:
3:30, 4:30 & 5:30pm

Warm Up (Min 0-12)

400m Run
– then –
3 Rounds
20 Air Squats
10 Pull Ups
5 Burpees

Get Strong (Min 21-51)

Every 3:00 for 30:00
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
5 Back Squats

Start light on the Back Squats and build across the 10 sets. The first half should be moderate primer sets, the second half should have some heavy challenging sets.

Wellness WOD

Every 3:00 for 30:00
8 Burpee Box Overs (any height)
5 Weighted Squats (back/front/goblet etc..)

Competitor Extra

Every 10:00 for 30:00
30 Bar Facing Burpees
30/20 Calorie Echo Bike
20 Kipping HSPU
30/20 Calorie Echo Bike
10 Strict HSPU

Be consistent on the Burpees, footwork and all. Push the first half of the Bike calories, and slow it down to be ready for the HSPU to come after each time on the bike.