Saturday 07.01.23

100,000lb lifting challenge

Class times will be 8:15 and 9:30 and we will start ON TIME- so get there early to warm up and reserve equipment!
Your goal will be to lift 100,000 pounds using as many weights/reps as you need to in order to accomplish this.
You can be a team of 1 (if you’re wanting a challenge????) or team of 2 (if you’re a little intimidated by that big number and just wanna have some fun!????)
Here’s the breakdown of the pounds lifted per person:
100k – 1 man individual or 2 men team
85k- mixed pair (M/F team)
70k – 1 woman individual or 2 women team
Ground rules:
1. 3 movements allowed: bench press, deadlift and/or back squat.
2. You are allowed to use one bar, one bench, one rack. You can move weights around as needed.
3. Must be completed in the timeframe of 1 hour.
You can strategize in any way you want. Go light, go heavy, whatever you feel is best for you or your team.
There are no winners! You just leave with an amazing pump and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve accomplished something incredible.