Tuesday 06.20.23

Class Times:
3:30, 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30pm

Warm Up (Min 0-12)

3 Rounds:
50 Double or Single Unders
25′ Inch Worms
10 V-Ups

Get Fit (Min 20-40)

4 Rounds:
500/450m Row or Ski
20 DB Hang Clean & Jerks 50/35
15 Toes to Bar
– 1:00 Rest –
*20 Min Cap

Most will be better off trying to hang on to the DB then intentionally hitting several smaller, fast sets of TTB to finish off each round. All three movements have a grip component so be mindful of trying to hang on to everything in early rounds.

(Wellness WOD)

4 Rounds:
500/450m Row or Ski
20 DB Hang Clean & Jerks 35/20 (or lighter)
15 Ab Mat Sit Ups
– 1:00 Rest –

Get Strong (Min 46-56)

Every 2:30 for 10:00
10 Front Rack Lunge Steps
10 Barbell RDLs

Both movements in the same time window. You should use the same bar for both, and neither need to be heavy. Stay in control and don’t try to rush the reps.

Competitor Extra

Climb the Ladder
50′ Overhead Plate Lunge Steps 45/35
5 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
50’/10, 50’/15, etc..

Don’t underestimate the plate lunges. Keep those arms fully locked out and shoulders active. The steps themselves will feel light after the strength work.