Diana Evans

Diana joined CrossFit Argonaut in 2014. She is a quiet but determined athlete that we love seeing in the gym! Her friendly smile makes everyone around her comfortable! Outside of the gym, she is a talented photographer, wife, mom to two teenage girls and also has a full time “day job” as a patient service case manager. We love that she sets the example for her daughters that women are meant to be strong and determined in the gym, which we know will carry over to all areas of life! We love you, Diana, and we are proud you choose to be part of our Argonaut family.

Tell us a little bit out yourself and your life outside of CrossFit.
I am a quiet but outgoing person. I am not shy but I can be at the same time. I love doing lots of things like hiking, biking and anything outdoors.

Who is your favorite gym buddy or partner for workouts?
My favorite gym buddies are my daughters! I love that I’m able to workout with them. They motivate me to complete the workouts.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting CrossFit?
Don’t overthink. Everyone overthinks and believes they’re not capable enough to do crossfit because they believe it’s hard. However, we forget that every workout is going to be hard. They’re meant to be hard. That’s why it’s called a workout!

What do you love most about CrossFit Argonaut?
I love our gym family, some of them have been there for the longest time. Everyone will cheer and encourage you.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
I don’t really have a diet. just like to enjoy food!

Why do you choose CrossFit over other forms of exercise?
Crossfit has many different workout methods that you experience. It doesn’t matter the day of the week. Everytime, you workout it’s a little bit of everything. I also like that there’s coaches to guide you during the workouts.

What is one thing you would like to improve on in the gym over the next 6 months?
During the next 6 months, I would like to be able to do butterfly pull-ups.

What is you most proud of yourself for accomplishing through CrossFit?
I’m more proud that no matter how long it takes me to do a workout. I will finish it. I don’t have to be the fastest or the strongest. At the end of the day, I just want to finish the workout.

Tell us one weird/fun fact about you
I’ve been given the title, “#coolmom” from my daughters friends.