Wall Sit Wednesday-trust us, it’s going to work out fabulously. This is a difficult one to get into beyond the whiteboard properly, so there may be a delay on getting that fixed! Check back tomorrow night to be able to log your scores! Also- due to low demand during the winter, we will no longer have a 630 pm class on Friday nights! Low turn out for this makes it not necessary to offer, when the weather gets warmer and you all want to bring it back, we will! All our other classes have had really high attendance! Keep up the great work!

4 rounds for quality

60 sec wallsit holding KB on shoulders 35/25

30 second max effort Kettlebell Front Squats

90 seconds wallsit 45/35 plate on lap

10 KB front squats 35/25

90 seconds rest

Snatch touch n go-work up to heavy triple