Row the Sleigh, Load the Toys, Jingle the Bells

Class is at 11:30 this fine Christmas eve morning…let’s do this thing right! We need to be sore when opening presents, it’s the CrossFit mantra. Closed tomorrow, open again on Wednesday for 530 am, then 430, 530, 630 pm. So no lunch class and no 330 class this week! Contact us if you need something and we will do our best to work with your schedule!

Row 200m

50 KB Swings

50 Sandbag GTOH

Row 200m

40 KB swings

40 Sandbag GTOH

Row 200m

30 Sandbag GTOH

30 KBS

Row 200m

20 Sandbag GTOH

20 KB swings

Row 200m

10 Sandbag GTOH

10 KBS