Strength: Week 3 of our overhead squat cycle is in effect. We are also working on handstands during this phase, to get ready for the Open that’s coming up in February. If you do not have handstands, don’t be nervous about these workouts, we have substitute movements to make your workout a  great calorie burn, strength builder, and build the foundation to work towards the gymnastics elements. It looks complicated on the board, but your coaches know how to simplify it to suit everyone’s different needs/goals. What you see here is fully customizable, so keep showing up.

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5

8 minute AMRAP

4 Strict HSPU

6 strict knees to elbow (To elbow, not armpit)

100 feet bear crawls (or Handstand walks 80ft if advanced)

Scaled version:

4 Strict HSPU (off box)

6 strict knees to elbow (can do laying on floor, like dragon flag)

8 plate walks


6 minute AMRAP

200m sprint on rower/bike

50 double unders