Christmas Party on Dec. 14th at 6! Alumni, friends, kids, family are all welcome!

Let’s get this week started off with some strength work! We are in week two of our overhead squat cycle.

Overhead squat


Handstand Walk Progressions

Rx’d Work

3 x 10 Wall walks – chest and belly to wall

4 x 20 ft. Walking along wall (moving side to side)

5 x 10 handstand pops with the band

Scaled work

3 x 10 wall walks (maintain  hollow position & go 45-65 degrees)

4 x 2 around the worlds off box

5 x 10 handstand band pops (try to stay hollow and reach 45 degree angle)

For Time

100 Double Unders

50 Pushups

100 Double Unders

800m row