Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back to the grind!

Heavy TEACHING Day…. Work on OHS and HSPU. Everyone needs to get inverted in some form for the HSPU and work on barbell position overhead for the squats.

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Teach position, correct movement. Provide alternatives. Work shoulder mobility.

Handstand Progress Tips
Form Matters! Pointed toes, tight core, and active shoulders are all important.
Keep the majority of your weight mid-palm but use your fingers to “grip” the floor to find balance.
Gaze your eyes in-between your thumbs (without moving your head too much). This will help you find your balance.
Spread your fingers for more surface area.

Rx’d work: 2 rounds of
5×10 sec. handstand hold (belly to wall)
20 tuck up
30 deficit hand release push ups (set plates for your hands)
40 Superman pulses

Scaled work: 2 rounds of
5 x 10 sec. handstand holds off box
20 tuck ups
30 hand release push ups
40 Superman pulses

Cash out

1000 Meter Row