Every day you show up, you’re growing mentally, physically, emotionally, and developing a stronger and better character! We are proud to be a part of your journey.


Ab Burner

Tabata 1

Strict ab mat sit-ups

Plank with knee to elbows


Scissor kicks

Tabata 2

Side Plank

Russian twists

Side Plank Dragon Flys


AMRAP 16 minutes

Ascending Ladder 2-4-6-8-10

Devils Press 50/35s

DB Box Step Ups 24/20 with 50/35 lb Dumbbells

Devils Press*= Push up on dumbbells directly into double DB snatch. Either hand or from the floor. No stopping at shoulders to re-position dumbbells. Scale-lighter weight for Devils press and box step ups. character-is-both-developed-and-revealed-by-tests-and-all-of-life-is-a-test-you-will-be-tested-by-quote-1