Kit Claborn

Owner, head coach, CF-L1, competitive athlete, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified
Kit is super serious when working out, but don’t let that fool you, he’s a big social teddy bear when he catches his breath after a workout. Kit is a coach at heart, coming from a decorated high school and college baseball and basketball career. In his ‘spare time’ he also coaches youth baseball and basketball. Due to his passion for serving others, he volunteered as VP on the Board of Directors for the RAD Project non-profit for adaptive athletes. When leading classes, He always inspires you strive for your best, one step at a time. He meets you where you are with patience, thoroughness, a smile, and a high five. He’s a big dude, with a bigger heart for helping people, taking care of them, and making them happy. Kit also loves hugs, so bring it in! Sweaty hugs and all!

Angela Claborn

Owner, head coach, CF-L1 Trainer, staff development director.
Passionate about creating a family friendly all inclusive culture that builds mental, physical and emotional strength for the individual. As a medical professional, Little A is dedicated to safety first, injury prevention, healing the entire body, rehabilitating injuries, & maximizing functioning for life. Her goal is keeping you healthy, strong, moving & feeling better than ever for decades to come. As an adaptive athlete, she is experienced in assessing your unique situation, body type, perceived limitations, & medical conditions, and customizes the training to maximize benefits, results, and ensure your physical, mental, and nutritional goals align with your training plan. She surprises us with spontaneous yoga, pilates, & calisthenics & keeps us on our toes laughing together with creative fitness games & activities. She believes in integrating many fitness modalities into training, such as obstacle courses, Piyo, mobility, gymnastics, & strongman elements. She is on the leadership team for The RAD Project, a new non-profit coming soon to assist adaptive athletes affected by various serious illnesses such as cancer, MS, Parkinsons, and more to achieve their full potential, heal the spirit, mind, and body.

Karl Herschenroeder

CF-L1 trainer, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, and Mr. Enthusiasm Karl
Karl brings a smile to everyone’s faces every time, with his infectious enthusiasm. Known for being incredibly knowledgeable, and precise with excellent delivery that enhances your experience every time. Karl is one of the most genuine and giving guys around, always there to lend an extra hand, is 100% tuned in to every members unique needs, limitations, concerns, and goals. Plus his classes are irresistibly fun and motivating for people of any fitness background or level. You never leave Karl’s class without feeling a euphoric boost from his natural charisma, excitement, and authenticity. Karl has a true gift, makes everyone feel equal, important, and forever young. The coach role fits Karl so naturally, we suspect he was born wearing a coaches uniform and clutching a whistle. His first babbling words were probably, Awesome hustle!

Zane Biggs

CF-L1, competitive athlete, Mr. BIG DREAMS
Zane Up and coming competitive athlete, Zane is bringing a fresh new vibe to his classes, naturally making everyone feel at ease, and has a knack for spotting what you need at the right time. Watch out for this guy, he’s definitely going places, and making The L.A.B. an even cooler place to be. He constantly strives to obtain the latest and most scientifically backed data to evolve his art of coaching and training. He gives 100% effort to every person every time, whether they are new, experienced, or in between.

Julie Keihn

CF-L1 trainer, competitor, and chief of the morning crew
Trainer, business owner, and inspirational athlete often spotted throwing down at local competitions. Julie is also the main leader of the morning crew, and you gotta respect that! She’s a leader in the community, involved in many outreach missions, and someone we all admire. Julie has been doing CrossFit for 5+ years, bringing her experience and cheerfulness into the gym before the sun’s up, with a smile, motivating personality, and skill. Anyone who can be chipper before dawn, has a super special gift and place in our hearts.

Tyler Grant

CF-L1 Trainer, USAW certified weightlifting trainer, owner of Kratos Barbell, FireFighter, E.M.T.
Our in house USAW expert has a knack for tweaking technique and bringing whole new meaning to the phrase perfect practice makes perfect. Tyler will definitely take your olympic lifts to epic levels! He’s involved in various volunteer programs in the area, and sacrifices a lot to serve others who need it. His focused USAW Olympic Lifting seminars are worth quadruple their price, and will change your training in ways you never imagined!

Catrina Scroggins

CF-L1 Trainer, athlete, photographer Catrina
An artistic eye helps this creative songbird polish your technique, and keep you motivated, because yeah, she’s watching you! We don’t call her red, or Cat, but we do call her coach!

Vanessa Gutierrez

CF-L1 trainer, competitive athlete, FireFighter, Paramedic
Vanessa is one fierce competitor, but knows how to get down on everyone’s level and keep them motivated and excited. Catch her if you can! She inspires everyone with her “never quit” attitude, all out effort every day, and ability to spot and correct technique to make you better and keep you moving forward. Vanessa is super supportive of everyone, always supporting each and every athlete whether they are first or last to finish, she’s right there, helping fight through any doubt or struggle. When she’s by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Caleb Katz

CF-L1 trainer, competitor, and co-chief of the morning crew
Trainer, college student, competitive athlete and drummer Caleb brings some youth into our staff, adding modern spunk and endless energy! Caleb “Mr. Popularity” earned that nickname because the kids adore him! Don’t let the kids stop you from working out, Caleb has a way with youth, and is often seen chasing them around, holding the littles, or pushing them in strollers so you can get your full hour of “me time”. He is service minded, involved in church and mission trips, and part of an awesome Christian rock band.

Jimmy Tollison

CF-L1 trainer, Competitive athlete, programmer, Mr. Cardioendurance all day
Jimmy brings the heat and a time to beat with every workout, but stays humble and genuine. He thrives on assisting everyone from rookies to the elite in chasing down their best scores. Jimmy serves the NWA community as a local pastor, and has been a backbone to CrossFit Argonaut for years. His gentle nature, patience, extensive experience, & knowledge benefits everyone he trains. He strives for continuing education and staying on the cutting edge of the most effective modern programming and evolving training methods.